Saturday, January 09, 2010

DOnt quIT

DOnt quIT

Right from childhood I had keen interest in Science and Maths. I always taut of becoming a biiiiig scientist one day, doing strange and funny experiments…!! ( all credits to Cartoon Network - Dexter’s laboratory )

Once (during 7th or 8th) an exhibition was organized in our T.V.S school ( T.V.S gethu ;) ) and my brother “tried” to do a working model which uses Eddy Currents and does something bla bla .…!! We saw an article in net saying “ …. make omlette without using fire... “. It had terror circuit diagrams and connections. My brother introduced me to his friend Dhananjeyan who was his teammate. We were all working towards the model for weeks together..!  we got an old transformer from some EB office near house and started to wind coils (as much as 1000 turns of copper wire) around 6 metal rods equally displaced by 60 degrees.. ;) we experimented like hell in home..! the mains was short circuited many times.. The coil started to burn ..!! huh.. we did that model again.. Took all types of bowls and tried but in vain. We had to give our last try as the Big Day came closer and closer.. We approached our favourite Nagraj sir who took LIFE classes for students aspiring to crack JEE. He gave us some bright ideas.. but we found them not useful too. We needed a high voltage thingy for this model and were not allowed to use..! we switched over to plan B .. “ Producing current from Water “ .. we were unable to do that one also.. this model actually “ended up” in failure when my mom began shouting and scolding at us for spilling water all over the main room .. Frankly speaking it was a matter of pride for students displaying projects & models during the Science Exhibition. Hence we all tried like hell to display something..!! finally we did a working model which helps users to switch off all electrical appliances expect the ones in the bedroom ; something involving two way switches and a “MASTER” switch

All classrooms were converted in to display halls and separate set of classes were given for each department. I was so happy that we displayed a working model in Physics Department. Many models were displayed during the science exhibition. This day will remain in my memory forever :)

This incident gained me a lot of confidence and since then I was so passionate towards working models related to science..! ;) I wud say I firmly believe that there is much to be explored in life apart from normal academics. one shd develop the habit of exploring new things and keep going and going..!! whatever may be the result we shd not hesitate to give another try .. :) Remember Churchill’s words “..never, never, never give up.. “ ;)

Being defeated is often a Temporary condition.. Giving up is what makes it Permanent.. Choice is Urs “ – SMS from Arun S @ “ayya

Remember “Winners never quit.. they DO IT..

All the best :)

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